Any OCR programs for Linux that output ASCII Text?

Mike Gorse mgorse at
Fri Mar 26 22:33:51 UTC 2004

I thought jocr could be used from the command line.  It's been a long time 
since I tried to use it, though, and I don't know how useful it is.  I'm 
sure there's room for improvement.  There's also something called ocre, 
but I haven't ever looked at it, either.

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On Fri, 26 Mar 2004, John J. Boyer wrote:

> This looks like it might be a good programming project for me - writing a 
> filter that accepts an image file and produces text. It would be Open 
> Source and free. I could probably use a lot of the code from the JOCR 
> project, but get rid of the graphics interface. I've been looking for a 
> useful and exciting project for a while.

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