Oralux installation

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Sat Mar 27 12:03:47 UTC 2004

Hi there,
Oralux runs from the cd although it can be installed on the hard drive.
For more information see the FAQ at,


There are also instructions for joining the mailing list there.

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Subject: Oralux installation

> Hi folks.  I am hoping to start my adventure into the linux world, and I
> thought I would like to start it all off with oralux.  If someone could
> me instructions privately as to how to get started installing linux on my
> machine, i will be extremely grateful.  I am running a p4 machine, with
> windows xp on the primary drive.  I have partitioned my 120 gb disk into
> so I have one partition ready for the Oralux installation.  I have also
> downloaded the oralux Iso image and have burnt it on to cd.  Now, what
> do i need to do?  My address is watstuts at justwan.com and any help given
> be much appreciated.  Cheers!
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