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On 03/28/04  1:36 AM +0800, coscell wrote:
> hi:
> I'm a blind teacher. I want to teach a blind student to use a software.
> If we're logging in from separated terminal, how can I monitor his 
> input/ouput?

The program screen will work for this. Eather you or the student runs
screen and the other runs "screen -x" all as the same user and you will
get the same things happening on both terminals. You will not know what
the student does with their screen reader's invisible/reading cursor,
but you will see both input and output. You can even both edit the same

An alternative to this is the script program which makes a file
type-script which contains a log of the student's actions. With the -t
option you can even replay the script using the replay program. Here is
an example.

script -t 2>student.log
replay student.log

Script calls a subshell so that is what is going on between the script
line and the replay line.

I hope one of these approaches works for you.

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