Any OCR programs for Linux that output ASCII Text?

Martin McCormick martin at
Sat Mar 27 18:06:08 UTC 2004

	I do remember such discussions from times past on this list,
but not terribly well.  It is easy to miss neat things like catdoc and
other useful applications if you aren't looking for them right now.  I
got catdoc for both FreeBSD and Linux after reading a similar
discussion on this list and I could kick myself for not getting it

	The screen utility is another must-have for Linux or FreeBSD
users who are blind.  It gives much of the functionality of having a
windowing type system without all the technical hassles.

	We are truly lucky to have the concept of GNU and other
open-source movements.  Not because we are destitute or helpless or
anything of the kind, but because there are a lot of solutions that
don't amortize well over the user base.  In other words, there isn't a
large market for this or that solution so nobody is going to get rich
selling it, but it certainly is useful for the relatively small group
who needs that solution.

Martin McCormick

Kirk Reiser writes:
>It is a great project and it already been started and is usualable
>with gocr now an has been for two years.  It is called socrates and
>can be found at the pserver:anonymous at
>in the module socrates.

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