Willem van der Walt<willem@top.health.gov.za> willem at top.health.gov.za
Mon Mar 29 06:35:03 UTC 2004

AS to your question, I think it does. I can double check it for you if you 
To sign on to the blinux-list, send a message to:
blinux-request at redhat.com with subscribe in the subject line.
You need to confirm by replying to a message that will be sent back to 
Even if your synth is not supported, you will be able to use linux with 
speech, or as i do, by using a dos/windows pc with supported speech and
two network cards.
Linux is very good for blind people, because it gives one a nice interface 
the computer and access to all modern hardware like memory sticks etc.
You are welcome to mail me off-list if you have more linux non-blind 
related questions.
The blind related questions can be sent to the blinux-list as well as to 
Regards, Willem
van der Walt

On Sun, 28 Mar 2004, renaldo wrote:

> Hello Friends
> I am a new member and am interested in linux.
> I wish to know if my external 'apollo2' synthesizer will work withspeakup?
> And if it does how do I join the 'speakup' list please?
> I only have a e-mail account, need to join by e-mail.
> Renaldo.
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