New to linux and need guidance with redhat 9 installation

Jaffar Sidek watstuts at
Mon Mar 29 19:35:15 UTC 2004

Hi folks.  Ok, I did ask about oralux, and since it cannot be installed on a
physical hard drive as such, i am now switching my attention onto red hat 9.
I am intending to install the red hat 9 bistro on my machine that already
has got the ms windows OS.  Now to some basic questions.  Since I am running
a Pantheon 4 machine, Which distribution should I download for installation?
It shouldn't be the X486 or something like that, isn't it? I choose the AMD
one right?  Second, I have already partitioned my hard drive to install Red
hat 9.  I am not sure, but i think i might have partitioned my disk running
as an ntfs file system.  I  read at the red hat website that the partition
should be fat32.  If that is the case, Can I do anything to change the ntfs
file system back to fat32?  Last but not least,  Is there anywhere where I
can find a user's mannual to get me started on how to use and operate in the
red hat linux environment?  All answers to my questions will be greatly
appreciated.  Cheers!

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