New to linux and need guidance with redhat 9 installation

Janina Sajka janina at
Mon Mar 29 23:50:11 UTC 2004

You should not install Red Hat 9, because it has been superceded by Fedora Core 1.0. Yes, this has confused several people, with the name change and all. But, don't take my word for it. Check out the announcement on the Red Hat web site at:

Secondly, if you're going to install Fedora, you might want to use the Speakup Modified Fedora Core available at:

You would want this if you want your Linux to talk through a speech synthesizer. There's a HOWTO that will guide you through the process which I maintain available at:

Jaffar Sidek writes:
> Hi folks.  Ok, I did ask about oralux, and since it cannot be installed on a
> physical hard drive as such, i am now switching my attention onto red hat 9.
> I am intending to install the red hat 9 bistro on my machine that already
> has got the ms windows OS.  Now to some basic questions.  Since I am running
> a Pantheon 4 machine, Which distribution should I download for installation?
> It shouldn't be the X486 or something like that, isn't it? I choose the AMD
> one right?  Second, I have already partitioned my hard drive to install Red
> hat 9.  I am not sure, but i think i might have partitioned my disk running
> as an ntfs file system.  I  read at the red hat website that the partition
> should be fat32.  If that is the case, Can I do anything to change the ntfs
> file system back to fat32?  Last but not least,  Is there anywhere where I
> can find a user's mannual to get me started on how to use and operate in the
> red hat linux environment?  All answers to my questions will be greatly
> appreciated.  Cheers!
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