New to linux and need guidance with redhat 9 installation

Janina Sajka janina at
Tue Mar 30 17:59:49 UTC 2004

Yes, you get speech when you reboot after installing. The runlevel is not automatically modified, however my HOWTO describes how (and why) this modification can be made before rebooting--and after.

Your point about the left Alt is well taken, and I will modify my HOWTO to explain this. Thank you for pointing this out.

Lee Maschmeyer writes:
> Janina wrote:
> >is there some reason anyone has to install with sighted assistance
> >instead of with Speakup's assistance?  I should think that,
> >if one wants speech as the final result, one would also want speech
> >during the install.
> I use neither speech nor Speakup, so I'm not familiar with it. Do the
> Speakup disks give you speech after you reboot? Do they modify the runlevel?
> I hadn't heard that they do, but not having experienced it I have no way of
> knowing.
> One thing that should perhaps be mentioned more often than it is: When
> people say Press Alt+F1 (or is it Alt+Control+F1) to get to a text login, it
> means press the LEFT Alt key. The right one, which used to be Alt, is now
> AltGr (however that's pronounced). When I was getting started I kept using
> the right Alt and then swore up and down the keystroke didn't work. This is
> probably well-known to those not using US English, though again I have no
> personal experience.
> Lee
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