gumnos (Tim Chase) gumnos at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 30 20:10:17 UTC 2004

It is possible to run the math program octave without emacs.  Any text
editor should do, so if you prefer Vim, or ed, ex, joe, pico, nano, or
whatever, you should be good.

You should be able to just run Octave at the command prompt, and work
with it interactively.  Alternatively, you can edit Octave programs in
your favorite editor, and then just pipe them to Octave to run.  If
you're a vi/vim sorta fellow, there should be at least a syntax file for
it, if not a macro suite.  If not, it's not too hard to make some helper
functions if needed.

The install comes with a manual as well (in the doc/interpreter
directory), so you can browse that--I prefer the HTML version of it, but
they provide the TeX source, so you can roll your own if you need, as
well as providing the PostScript version.

If the octave site is back up (it was down when I composed this), you
can find more at www.octave.org

You can also find info (and downloads) straight from the GNU project at

If you have problems, the Octave project has download mirrors at


Have a blast.


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