emacs and .lit files

Marian Selea mselea at cisco.com
Thu May 6 12:32:10 UTC 2004


It seems that this extension is used by ms reader, an application to read ebooks on pocket PC's....
I'm not very ms, so Idon't know if there is a  ms reader for standard pc's... Those devices are for seers....

BTW, someone was telling me that TOSHIBA came out with a pocket pc with a talkative engine.... I'll keep you updated.


PS- Ihave done a search in google with "lit extension" and the first hit gave the answer.... Didn't have time to go lower in the list of hits... as Iam at work....
;-) Good luck!

> Does anyone know what software makes a .lit file and can emacs read those
> .lit files and maybe some way save them in text format?
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