[OT] someone using jabber with yahoo transport?

Nath nath.ml at free.fr
Wed May 12 19:39:15 UTC 2004

Jois <dupalle at screentiful.it> writes:

> I know I am off topic but I do not know where to ask my question:
> I use Jabber client and have a yahoo messenger ID: the transport is
> yahoo.jabber.linux.it
> how could I add a contact?
> I connect as joislinux with my password, but how could I add a
> contact? for example bobby at yahoo.jabber.linux.it? this way it does not
> work
> With Msn I have just username%msn.com at msn.jabber.linux.it and with ICQ
> it would be as 242977025 at icq.jabber.linux.it
> for yahoo it seems not to work. some solutions?
> thanks, Jois
Sorry Jois not to have a response to your quesstion but I have a
question which is on the same topic : I use imcom, the console jabber
client, and i'm trying to contact a friend who has a yahoo account. I
have a jabber account and I have added the yahoo transport with the
/agenthelp command. But now when I try to add my contact to the roster
with the /add command it tells me that I'm not allowed to acces the
server if I remember well (I had an error 502=/ Now if I type w to see
the list of contacts and their status I see the yahoo contact I want to
tchat with but after the word disconnected it is written awaiting

So if someone here know how to proceed to contact someone on yahoo
please help ! Perhaps I must create first a yahoo account for me ?

Thx in advance for your advices.


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