still trying to transfer files to and from braillelite

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sun May 16 00:25:13 UTC 2004

I know I've broached this topic before, but I know i must be missing
something glaringly obvious and am hoping somebody can point it out.
I've been trying to use braillelite's ymodem program and rb and sb in
linux. In all cases, the linux end acts like it is waiting to receive or
is sending, but the braillelite just sits there with "start transfer" on
its display and then finally says "error transfer aborted". I do have
interactive and serial port on and brltty killed. Am I incorrect in
thinking that "rb" and "sb" can be used in this way or am I missing
something else basic? I only use dosemu for two things now--running
megadots and doing file transfers. while i am glad dosemu is around under
the circumstances, I'd very much like to cut out having to do my transfers
through pcdisk on dos or dosemu. I don't see being able to substitute for
megadots in the near future, but this would be one less need to use dos
and would save me a little bit of time.
Thanks for any suggestions; I know this is an old topic but i keep hoping
somebody will come up with what I'm failing to do here.

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