still trying to transfer files to and from braillelite

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Sun May 16 17:25:15 UTC 2004

Okay Cheryl, you need to look at man stty which is what you use to set
up the ports on the Linux box.  It doesn't make it totally clear but
you can redirect stty and/or specify the device you want modified.

I usually size my files on the BrailleLite before transferring but I
believe if you transfer to the clipboard it may expand automatically.
The settings which are important to have set on both devices is baud
rate, parity, stop-bits, word size and handshake.

The baud rate on the BrailleLite doesn't have anything to do with the
size of the page you can download into if you are turning on the
serial port and off! by hand with the chord-p5 toggle.



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