How to open a TCP/IP port?

Krister ekstrom crisekstrom at
Thu May 20 08:37:59 UTC 2004

It sounds to me like you're behind a router of some sort. If i'm not way 
way out here, what you want to do is to forward the port from your 
external to your internal ip address. I don't know what your router 
calls this, but on my DLink DI-604, it's called "virtual server". You do 
portforwarding from the admin interface of the router which usually is 
called by pointing your browser to (the address is 
taken from the admin interface of my router, but should be similar for 
yours, check the docs for the router.) Note that you might have to go 
into windblows to configure the router as Lynx unfortunately doesn't 
support Javascript and Links2 supports Javascript but apparently not 
On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 02:21:15AM +0200, David Renstr?m wrote:
> Hi list members!
> I've isolated the problem of me not being able to remotely connect to my 
> MySQL server. If I use the nmap command to scan port 3306 with the loopback 
> as argument, it works fine (it reports that the port is open). But, if I 
> use the local IP address of the host ( it doesn't. Somehow, 
> the TCP/IP port is blocked. My question is quite simple: How do I open this 
> port? Another question would be why it's closed in the firstplace... :-(
> Please help me solve this problem, cause it's driving me nuts for the 
> moment!!
> Kindest Regards,
> /David R.
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