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Sauro Cesaretti sauro.cesaretti at
Thu May 20 13:05:18 UTC 2004

Hi everybody
Thank you Gumnow for information about using Vim.
Now, I'm using vi, but I don't find information to configure macros.
I have to use vim or I can use vi, and Iabove al I would know where I can
find information to configure macros.
Else There is on the list that can give me some indication
to set and use macros?
Thank you in advance for all

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> Well, although vi/vim has a learning curve like a brick-wall, vim does
> support recording & playback of macros, as well as mapping various keys
> to actions, and providing abbreviations, all of which greatly speed up
> entry.  However, it does involve learning vi/vim.  I'm in *that* camp
> (once you've invested the time to learn vi/vim well, it's got tremendous
> payoff), so I can't tell you much about emacs, but suspect it has
> similar abilities.
> -tim
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