speakup on fedora?

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Thu May 20 13:16:41 UTC 2004

The advantage of Oralux, and any Knopix for that matter, is precisely as
you describe. The disadvantage is that it only does what it does and
won't easily do anything else--because it's on static media.

As for Speakup, support for software speech is progressing and seems to
be close to ready for prime time. However, it's easiest to get it
working with a hardware device. And, the Speakup enabled Knopix
available on the Speakup web page is built for hardware speech, as I
understand it. Kirk will correct me if I'm wrong on that point.

gumnos (Tim Chase) writes:
> From: "gumnos (Tim Chase)" <gumnos at hotmail.com>
> > So, what I am understanding is that in order to have speech with linux
> > I'll need an external synthesizer?
> I heard from a fellow this morning that Oralux 0.6 should come with Yasr
> running with flite/eflite which is entirely software driven.  I haven't
> gotten to give it a try yet, but it sounds like that's another option.
> It would be helpful in computer labs at school where you could just drop
> the live CD in the drive and boot from there, having all sorts of tools
> at your disposal.  The Oralux download page didn't have any ISO links
> when I just checked.
> -tim
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