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Sacha Chua sacha at
Fri May 21 16:18:42 UTC 2004

"Sauro Cesaretti" <sauro.cesaretti at> writes:

> I'm finding one editor for linux console that support macros, and
> above all shortcuts assignment. For example I have to write a text
> expression assigned to a key-sequence. Thank you in advance for
> information Bye

Other people have suggested vim, and vim _is_ a really wonderful
editor. I've gotten hooked on Emacs' extremely powerful keyboard
macros and its programmability, though. You can use it to repeat text
expressions and commands, and you can assign commands to any key
sequence. It takes some time to learn, but it's very well worth it.

(delysid: Help! <grin> Let's convince someone to try out Emacs!)

(Disclaimer: I'm sighted. But I use emacspeak a fair bit.)

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