braille display mode with qwerty elba

Thomas Stivers stivers_t at
Fri May 21 18:19:51 UTC 2004

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Hi all, sorry for cross-posting. I am trying to use my elba as a braille
display for brltty, but I cannot seem to get the elba to go into el-key
emulation mode. Shift + ctrl + pause is supposed to enter this mode, but
nothing happens. I have a null modem cable connecting the elba to the
pc, and brltty is running using the papenmeyer driver, bot there doesn't
appear to be any communication between the two. I think it is likely
though that the elba just isn't going into the right mode. Any tips as
to what I am doing wrong would be appreciated. I am using elba rev 123
firmware version 1.41 and brltty version 3.4.1. Thanks

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