Redhat rpm in Text Mode

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri May 21 20:45:16 UTC 2004

	My thanks to all of you who have contributed ideas in response
to my questions.  It turns out that the guy who built this system did
a supurb job and put apt-get on it.  ntpd was not resident on the
system, but all I had to do was type apt-get -install ntp.rpm or
something very similar and voila, it was there in no time flat.

	As a Debian user, many things are familiar as this is, after
all, Linux.  It is just a matter of learning the regional dialect.
I didn't know that apt-get existed outside of Debian.

Martin McCormick

"Willem van der Walt<willem at>" writes:
>In place of filename.rpm one can give
>and rpm will go and grab the file using http.

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