debian sarge with braille and/or speech

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Fri May 21 23:40:01 UTC 2004

I'm trying to decide whether to re-install on my laptop with fedora or 
debian. I am most familiar with debian. However, I am having trouble 
finding the information on doing a sarge install with braille and/or 
speech (brltty and/or speakup). I do see the boot.img and root.img in the 
installer directory's floppy section under "access" but I don't see any 
information about using this, though I've tried to look at the howto and 
manual. and I don't understand whether I can now accomplish a braille or 
speech install with the cdroms or if I still have to use floppies. I'm 
sorry if this information is all someplace obvious that I've overlooked, 
but while i've had no trouble finding information on a braillified fedora 
install and speakup fedora install, I'm jut not finding the information on 
these options for debian sarge. I do realize that sarge isn't officially 
released yet, but i'd still like to try the current beta of the installer 
if i can figure out how to do that. could somebody please either explain 
this or point me to the explanations i have apparently missed?


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