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hank hank at
Mon May 24 03:02:02 UTC 2004

when I tried fedora befor switching back to dibian whitch btw runs like a
charm on here I tried the commands given in the how-to and I couldn't get it
to work.
it is verry possible I wasn't doing something write whitch if that was the
case would explain why I couldn't get fedora running properly.
next time I install fedora on  my faster machine I will give it another
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> Sorry, but after reading the howto over and over I fail to see what is
> so difficult about typing two simple commands.  Especially when even the
> howto tells you how using the {tab} key can be your friend.
> Tell you what, go and instal Windows and get it talking from boot up and
> all the way through install, then tell me that installing Fedora is
> difficult.
> Cheers.
> hank said the following on Sun, May 23, 2004 at 11:52:31AM -0700:
> > Creating an INITRD
> > for a new be to linux this is really difficult
> > from what I under stand the Creating an INITRD is motifying the kernel.
> > unless things have change in fedora core 2
> > hth
> > hank
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