braillified Fedora core 2 installation

Janina Sajka janina at
Mon May 24 15:24:45 UTC 2004

Hi, Cheryl:

Glad to hear you've had success. It's definitely not the easiest install to have success with, which is why there's a HOWTO.

And, I think you're right about redoing your partitioning. The realy downside to the default partitioning scheme is that it makes it harder to protect user data such as /home and /usr/local. If there's only a little content in this directories, I suppose this isn't so much a problem. But, if there are gigs and gigs of such data, it's a serious issue.

So, I guess I'm saying to do this sooner rather than later--before you acquire too much in /home.

Cheryl Homiak writes:
> Well, Janina, you won't find out by me if you're wrong because I suspect 
> you are right.
> I went ahead and followed the steps for turning off firstboot and kudzu 
> and cups and my machine booted fine. But due to the fact that i hadn't 
> noticed I had the caps lock key on when I typed my root password, my caps 
> and lowercase password characters were reversed and i couldn't log in; 
> fortunately the three-finger salute worked. Then I used the braillified 
> disk so I could access the first cd as a rescue disk and was able to set 
> up brltty at boot and change the run level etc., and when I finished i was 
> able to boot and figure out my login problem. I think I probably had an ok 
> install with speakup too; i'm sure there must have been a minor mistake 
> that kept it from talking and I don't think it was booting completely 
> because I got beeps when trying to log in, but this way I'll be 
> well-versed in FC 
> installation. I will probably do it again eventually because I never did 
> manage disk druid and finally just allowed the automated 
> partitioning--yuck!!! So i'll probably go in and wrestle with it again 
> eventually.
> -- 
> Cheryl
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