power braille on brltty?

hank hank at hanksmith.net
Tue May 25 05:33:09 UTC 2004

am trying to get a working screen reader on this linux box.  I am having a
heck of a time as it is trying to navigate the thing with jaws and ssh.  I
would prefer to work with linux on a linux box or on a linux box remotely
but not with ssh under windows take care
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> [quoted lines by hank on 2004/05/24 at 22:06 -0700]
> >I had a friend look in the docs on is debian box whitch I am assuming has
> >the latest docs and he told me it didn't have it.
> >hth
> If hth means "hope this helps", it doesn't. I know it's in there. I don't
> to belabour the point, and I won't comment any further on this issue, but,
as I
> leave it, may I suggest that your friend needs to be a bit more thorough
> jumping to a conclusion.
> Is there any reason you can't read documentation for yourself?
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