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Wed May 26 03:57:46 UTC 2004

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Apt has been adapted to work with rpm packages on redhat.  Try

and a few others whose URLs have escaped my memory at the moment, but that one
seemed to be one of the best before I went and switched my box to Debian.


Thus spake Martin McCormick:
# 	I just got introduced to a redhat system that I am going to
# need at work to run some applications.  I am familiar with Debian and
# its dselect utility for managing Debian packages, but I don't yet know
# rpm for doing similar things in redhat.  It does look, from the
# manual, a lot like dselect, but I haven't hit the magic syntax yet for
# making it hit its default download sites to look for packages.  What I
# am trying at first is to get ntpd working.  If I use the command
# rpm -i ntpd
# it just tells me it can't find the file.  Yup that's the whole idea.
# It needs to find the package and install it.
# 	The manual also says that you can state the file name as a URL
# or ftp link, but I bet there is a function like apt that has a list of
# preferred sources that are checked for the main treasure trove of
# redhat packages.  I shouldn't have to know the url unless it is not
# part of the normal redhat network.
# 	Any suggestions are appreciated so I can more or less get
# going here and not waste so much time looking for the power button so
# to speak.
# 	Are there any of the text commands for rpm that are
# particularly good to know?  I was really happy to learn a couple of
# years ago that you could use the / in dselect's user interface to
# locate packages whose names you might partly know.  It has certainly
# made getting new packages a snap in Debian.
# 	Many thanks to all.
# Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
# OSU Information Technology Division Network Operations Group
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