An evening filled with success!

John Mattioli jmattioli at
Wed May 26 17:39:45 UTC 2004


	Well last night I finally got my hands on a working power supply
and managed to install it.  This small bit of success enabled me to
continue on to installing Fedora core 2.

	I'm here today to report that I've finally managed to log in as
root to a text console with speakup!  This means I believe I've actually
got a functioning Linux system!

	Ultimately my goal is to get a look at gnopernicus, but I'm
planning on attempting some more modest goals first.  My next step is
going to be trying to get brltty working.  I know that the RPM for
brltty is on the fedora core 2 CD-ROMs, but don't know if it is
installed yet.  SO first I'll have to learn a bit about rpm.  Then, of
course, once I manage to get it installed I'll have to figure out how to
run it.

	The fun never ends, but at least I've reached the first major

	Thanks to all who've helped me get this far.  I'm sure numerous
additional questions will follow <grin>.


John R. Mattioli, Jr.
Senior Software Engineer
Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.

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