An evening filled with success!

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed May 26 20:59:06 UTC 2004

Congrats, John.

First lessin rpm:

rpm -iv brl{tab}

where {tab} is a press of the tab key on your keyboard.

But, before you go doing that, why not get the latest brltty from:

As it happens the version shipped by Fedora is old. We're going to see if we can fix that for the next Speakup Modified--but that's a tomorrow story, and you're still on today.

John Mattioli writes:
> Greetings,
> 	Well last night I finally got my hands on a working power supply
> and managed to install it.  This small bit of success enabled me to
> continue on to installing Fedora core 2.
> 	I'm here today to report that I've finally managed to log in as
> root to a text console with speakup!  This means I believe I've actually
> got a functioning Linux system!
> 	Ultimately my goal is to get a look at gnopernicus, but I'm
> planning on attempting some more modest goals first.  My next step is
> going to be trying to get brltty working.  I know that the RPM for
> brltty is on the fedora core 2 CD-ROMs, but don't know if it is
> installed yet.  SO first I'll have to learn a bit about rpm.  Then, of
> course, once I manage to get it installed I'll have to figure out how to
> run it.
> 	The fun never ends, but at least I've reached the first major
> milestone!
> 	Thanks to all who've helped me get this far.  I'm sure numerous
> additional questions will follow <grin>.
> John
> John R. Mattioli, Jr.
> Senior Software Engineer
> Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.
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