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Thu May 27 09:17:17 UTC 2004

Hi.  I've been using Linux exclusively since Oct 200.  I use speakup as
my main screen reader.

I have no problem using any console app.  Until recently, speakup
required a hardware synth.  The latest speakup has support for software
synths, but it still has some problems with software speech.
Two other possibilities for console access are yasr or emacspeak.

I don't remember the link for emacspeak.  Yasr is a screen reader like
speakup while emacspeak is an accessible desktop running under emacs.
Unfortunately, access to the GUI in Linux doesn't really exist yet.  The
project getting the most publicity is the Gnome accessibility project.
A program called gnopernicus is the screen reader for Gnome.
I've tried to use Gnopernicus for the last year to get access to Gnome.
Unfortunately, the developers of Gnopernicus seem to have much better
success than I've managed.  

The problem with using only console apps is the lack of a good browser
for the text console.  Some day Mozilla will be usable from Gnome.  For
now, the only way I have found to get any use from Mozilla is to use
Freedom box.

It is a subscription service, and the source for their software isn't
open source.  However, it works.  They are still adding features, but
you can actually use it to browse the web.  They say they will make the
browser freely available, but I've found I need to have an account with
them so I can mail links I want to look at to my address.

Hope this helps.

On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 09:55:35AM +0100, Foster,Joanna wrote:
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> Dear All
> I'm working on a local community project in conjunction with a specialist IT
> and Internet training charity U CAN DO I.T, who provide low cost training to
> individuals with visual impairments, hard of hearing or who are physically
> disabled. Our role here at REALISE I.T is to provide refurbished PC's free
> of charge to these individuals within our project area (four London
> borough's)
> U CAN DO I.T trainers currently work with JAWS; Hal; Windows Eyes and Super
> Nova. I'm investigating Open Source software as an alternative to Microsoft
> to lower the software costs to these individuals. As far as I know the above
> software is not compatible with Linux. 
> I was hoping that someone might be able to give me their opinions of open
> source alternatives - preferably compatible with Linux?
> What is out there and how do you rate it? 
> It would be really helpful to get any advice. I look forward to hearing all
> your opinions shortly
> Kind regards
> Jo Foster
> REALISE Community Project Officer
> REALISE IT Network
> 4th Floor, Blue Star House
> 234 Stockwell Road
> London SW9 9SP
> Tel: 020 7926 6232
> Fax: 020 7926 6201
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