TR: very big proble to reach url for downloading trplayer

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Thu May 27 15:38:07 UTC 2004

Cheryl Homiak <chomiak at> writes:

> Hi Osvaldo.
> I had that problem with the rpm too. If you ftp to
>, it looks like it's listed there, but at
> least in the case of the rpm I had to then cd to trplayer and it was
> actually there. Maybe there was supposed to be a link in goodies that got
> broken.

There won't be any links in the goodies directory because that is an
ftp directory.  I have run into the problem with lynx not being able
to access the anonymous ftp area before but I have never found a
solution to that problem if someone has I'd love to know.  The
official site (as they say in the drm bizz) is



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