How to open a TCP/IP port?

David Renström david.renstrom at
Fri May 28 22:04:59 UTC 2004

Hi Jude!

Thanks for the help, but I've already fixed the problem. I hadn't read the 
config file too thoroughly and therefore I missed the "bind-address" statement.

/David R.
At 12:22 2004-05-28 -0400, you wrote:
>Somewhere maybe below a share directory you may have a mysql directory. In 
>that directory you may find a scripts directory.  You may find a script 
>called something like safe_mysqld.  try running that script.  If you got 
>the swedish version of mysql translate accordingly and look for a script 
>with safe as part of its file name.  If that script does not abort, as 
>root try running mysql and see what happens.  If you've already done all 
>of this then you've been reading the documentation and will probably need 
>to run mysql-bug and send the results to the mysql support list for 
>corrective action.
>On Thu, 20 May 2004, David [iso-8859-1] Renström wrote:
>>Hi Jude!
>>No, I'm not running Slackware. It's Gentoo, the best distribution I've 
>>tried so far! :-) The only contact I've had with Slackware, though, is 
>>the Zipslack and Bigslack distributions that you can run on top of DOS. 
>>They kinda sucked big time. Couldn't even get the Swedish keyboard 
>>mappings to work. But I was quite a beginner then and I may have missed 
>>something there.
>>/David R.
>>At 21:08 2004-05-19 -0400, you wrote:
>>>Let me make a guess or two here.  You're a slackware user using the 
>>>mysql daemon and trying to make it work.  If this is correct so far, 
>>>give it up it can't be done.  You need the mysql binary distribution off 
>>>of the mysql home page and you need to install that correctly.  Once 
>>>that is done, everything works as in the mysql manual.  Redhat has mysql 
>>>able to start up if you turn it on in the services and did mysql much 
>>>better than slackware.  With redhat once you reboot with mysql starting 
>>>up and you're root, if you type mysql and hit enter at the prompt you're 
>>>going to get an mysql session going.  Let's just say; been there, done 
>>>all of that, and got the blasted T-shirt!
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