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Halgeir Holthe halgeirh at
Fri Nov 5 16:36:24 UTC 2004

Hi. I have been running RH 7 with viavoice the last few
years. However, it's time for upgrading my system, and I would like to
do that still running emacspeak with viavoice. I have noticed the
discussion about viavoice on the list, and I have understood that at
present, a company takes care of the maintenance of the software
-selling licenses in batches. Could somebody please provide me with
the contact information to this company? (I am sorry though that the
initiative on the blinuxlist a couple of years ago to organize a
consortium which could buy some licenses did not seem to work out).

Does anybody know which RH
systems they have recompiled viavoice for- and does anybody have
concrete experience with the use of any such system?

It is not at all clear to me  if  the viavoice source code
exclusively went to one  firm from IBM. I would appreciate a comment
on this as well.

Best regards 

Halgeir Holthe 


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