Sound in Debian Woody - how to get without kernel recompile

John Heim jheim at
Thu Nov 11 14:26:01 UTC 2004

At 07:55 AM 11/11/2004, Janina Sajka you wrote:
>Ari Moisio writes:
> > Hi!
> >
> >   I installed Debian Woody but was unable to find any sound modules
> > anywhere. As i  like to  alter anything as little as possible i'm looking
> > for  sound modules without full kernel re-compile.
> >
>I suspect you misunderstand Debian. The approach of Debian is
>minimalist. If you didn't ask for sound, you didn't get it.

He probably read the linux sound how-to which still says you have to 
recompile the kernel if you want sound. That thing should be rewritten. You 
probably can still do what it says but you don't have to and you probably 
don't want to.

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