Sound in Debian Woody - how to get without kernel recompile

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Nov 11 14:34:42 UTC 2004

John Heim writes:
> At 07:55 AM 11/11/2004, Janina Sajka you wrote:
> >Ari Moisio writes:
> >> Hi!
> >>
> >>   I installed Debian Woody but was unable to find any sound modules
> >> anywhere. As i  like to  alter anything as little as possible i'm looking
> >> for  sound modules without full kernel re-compile.
> >>
> >I suspect you misunderstand Debian. The approach of Debian is
> >minimalist. If you didn't ask for sound, you didn't get it.
> He probably read the linux sound how-to which still says you have to 
> recompile the kernel if you want sound. That thing should be rewritten. You 
> probably can still do what it says but you don't have to and you probably 
> don't want to.

Indeed. Very good point. Debian, nor any other distro as far as I'm
aware, is minimalist to that degree any longer.

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