boot cd for Fedora Core 3

Nath at
Sat Nov 13 10:29:55 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I try to make a modified iso to include BRLTTY using original
FC3-i386-disc1.iso image. 
I followed instructions given in the file from the
BRLTTY source archive. so I try to use the rhmkiso script to make the
modified boot image. The problem is that it seems I haven't enough space
in my temporary directory "/tpm" to perform the job. To try to fix this
problem I created a new temporary directory (I have 8.2 Go available for
it) and initialize the TMPDIR environment variable to indicate to
rhmkiso to use this directory instead of "/tmp" but unfortunatly the
problem is the same, not enough space !
So my question : How much space does the script need to be able to
perform the entire job correctly ? And a second question, do you think
this script can in fact make modified isos for Fedora core 3 with
brltty-3.6 ?

Thx in advance for all suggestions and ideas,


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