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Sun Nov 14 13:10:19 UTC 2004


On Sa, Nov 13, 2004 at 04:19:20 -0500, A. R. Vener wrote:
> I purchased  a set of instrucional CD's which contain  some
> files in pdf format.
> Unfortunately when I try to convert them with  pdf2txt, I get a message stating tthat the text 
> cannot be copied.
> Once upon a time I vaguely recall hearing that there is a single bit in the pdf file
> that sets the copy protected  mode.
> Can anyone tell me if this is so and what the offset and bitmask would be?

I use pdftotext to get out the text of a protected pdf file. pdftotext 
is part of the xpdf-utils package under debian. Normaly the programm 
works with protected pdf files without any changes out of the box. Bbut 
if it not works you can edit the sources of the package and comment out 
an if-statement witch is responsible for the protection.


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