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A. R. Vener salt at
Sun Nov 14 16:38:57 UTC 2004

Thanks, xpdf worked after I  edited the xpdf/ file.

For anyone else who wants to do this, I also had to edit the ./Makefile to 
remove the Splash line under the all: target and  I also
ran ./configure  --without-freetype2.
Finally I edited the xpdf/Makefile to remove every object in the all
: target except pdftotext$(exe).
After all that,  I was able to run make and  compile a working pdftotext .


On Sun, Nov 14, 2004 at 02:10:19PM +0100, Christian Schoepplein wrote:
> Hi!
> On Sa, Nov 13, 2004 at 04:19:20 -0500, A. R. Vener wrote:
> > I purchased  a set of instrucional CD's which contain  some
> > files in pdf format.
> > 
> > Unfortunately when I try to convert them with  pdf2txt, I get a message stating tthat the text 
> > cannot be copied.
> > 
> > Once upon a time I vaguely recall hearing that there is a single bit in the pdf file
> > that sets the copy protected  mode.
> > Can anyone tell me if this is so and what the offset and bitmask would be?
> I use pdftotext to get out the text of a protected pdf file. pdftotext 
> is part of the xpdf-utils package under debian. Normaly the programm 
> works with protected pdf files without any changes out of the box. Bbut 
> if it not works you can edit the sources of the package and comment out 
> an if-statement witch is responsible for the protection.
> Hth,
> Schoeppi
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