boot cd for Fedora Core 3

Nath at
Sat Nov 20 10:22:21 UTC 2004

Dave Mielke <dave at> writes:

> [quoted lines by Nath on 2004/11/13 at 19:11 +0100]
Hi Dave & all, 

>>Let me know when you think you will have fixed things. 
> The latest rhmkiso now automatically increases the size of the initrd as
> needed. You can get it from BRLTTY's source repository as:
>    svn://
> If you can't get it that way then please contact me off list and I'll send you
> a copy. If a braillified installer (boot.iso) will do then just download the
> braillified Fedora Core 3 installer which has just been added to BRLTTY's
> download page.
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As I told you last week-end I downloaded the new rhmkiso from the svn
repository and also the braillified installer for Fc3 from the brltty's
This morning I tested the two things with no luck unfortunatly :-(

First I grabbed the braillified installer and boot from the cd. At boot
prompt I typed :
text brltty=pm,usb:

Unfortunatly no braille appeared on my braille display, brltty was not
loaded at all since I didn't hear any brltty's beeps.

So I decided to make the Fc3 disk 1 with the rhmkiso script from svn
repository but no luck it seems it requires a e2fsck version newer than
the one which is installed on my Debian sarge system. I have the 1.35
version (february 2004).
So, my question :

Do you think it doesn't  work because my braille display is an usb
braille display ?

As sommeone ever successfully got braille support with this braillified
Fc3 installer ? and particularly if you have a Papenmeier BRAILLEX EL40S
? Of course Dave i think you successfully started with this iso and
braille support ?
The brltty's version included is the 3.6 ?

Thx in advance for suggestions,


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