A FreeBSD Question about Putting a Beep in the CSH Prompt

Nigel stoppard at ntlworld.com
Sat Nov 20 16:32:16 UTC 2004

May i ask, how do you get speech from BSD?  Also does your job role mean its 
possible for blind people to go into networking?

Thanks in advance,
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Subject: A FreeBSD Question about Putting a Beep in the CSH Prompt

> I run FreeBSD on several systems where I work so this question
> is technically off the topic of this list but it might have Linux
> implications, also.
> If one runs the C-Shell or csh and tries to put a bell
> character in the prompt string, an odd thing happens.  The prompt
> works, but not really.  The Bell or ASCII 7 character gets translated
> in to ^g on the screen of a vt100 terminal.  Applications that ring
> bells still work fine.  The problem is only with the prompt.
> The command in .cshrc that sets the prompt is
> set prompt="\a\!# "
> It is similar to what one does in bash which, by the way,
> sends a bell.  Only csh is doing this translation.  Does this ring a
> bell with anybody?
> I like to put a bell in the prompt in order to know when a
> process has finished.  If it is something like make that is very
> verbose, one can turn off the speech and just wait for the beep.
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