Slightly OT: Association for Blind and VI Computer Professionals?

John Heim jheim at
Tue Nov 23 17:29:59 UTC 2004

Anybody know of an association for blind and visually impaired computer 
professionals in the USA? There's a British one but googling got me nothing 
in the USA.

If there is no such association, I think we should start one. My visions of 
what this org would do is provide support, information, and advocacy.

Examples of support it might provide:
1) Buy the ViaVoice licence if you have to buy 1000 at a time
2) Provide links to technical resources that would help blind programmers.

1) ADA news regarding how it applies to blind programmers
2) Resources for learning to use computers if you're blind or VI

1) Contact companies with web sites that are not accessible
2) Contact legislators when a bill is pending regarding the rights of the 
3) Support programmers who have been discriminated against or have had 
their rights violated under the ADA.

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