Slightly OT: Association for Blind and VI Computer Professionals?

John Heim jheim at
Tue Nov 23 18:21:53 UTC 2004

Thanks. I went and subscribed to both of their mailing lists.

At 12:00 PM 11/23/2004, David Andrews wrote:
>Both the NFB and the ACB have computer divisions, the nfb's is NFB in 
>Computer Science, Curtis Chong is president, curtischong at
>Can't remember the exact name of the ACB group
>David Andrews
>At 11:29 AM 11/23/2004, you wrote:
>>Anybody know of an association for blind and visually impaired computer 
>>professionals in the USA? There's a British one but googling got me 
>>nothing in the USA.
>>If there is no such association, I think we should start one. My visions 
>>of what this org would do is provide support, information, and advocacy.
>>Examples of support it might provide:
>>1) Buy the ViaVoice licence if you have to buy 1000 at a time
>>2) Provide links to technical resources that would help blind programmers.
>>1) ADA news regarding how it applies to blind programmers
>>2) Resources for learning to use computers if you're blind or VI
>>1) Contact companies with web sites that are not accessible
>>2) Contact legislators when a bill is pending regarding the rights of the 
>>3) Support programmers who have been discriminated against or have had 
>>their rights violated under the ADA.
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