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Fri Oct 1 11:13:17 UTC 2004

I am senseing some hostility to the idea of a forms mode.  This has been 

I think the problem you mention about nested links is as much to do with web 
pages as it is with the screen reader.  I guess you can probably turn that 
feature off in jaws, but then why would you want to buy something that has 
features you don't want.

Thanks all for your feedback.
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> Lorenzo Prince writes:
>> These things may be useful to some people, but there is a reason why I 
>> choose
>> to stay away from Jaws whenever possible.  It gets too confusing 
>> sometimes.
>> Next we will have messages interspursed in the text of the site that says
>> something like "list of 6 items containing 2 nested lists" and other 
>> exteranious
>> nonsense that Bondage Science Fiction threw into IE/Jaws just to make 
>> things more
>> confusing to the average user.  Although if it stops at the above 
>> mentioned
>> navigation keys, it really won't be that confusing, as you have the 
>> option
>> whether or not you want to use them.
> I shudder just to think of it. Please, let's not go there. As Lorenzo
> says, if we wanted this kind of interface, we certainly know where to
> get it.
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