Creating Swap Areas

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Tue Oct 5 16:56:45 UTC 2004

Having a swap partition makes a huge difference on my computers, but yours 
is brand new, John, so it might be all right. Look at the info for mkswap 
for how to do it with a file.

I don't think I'd want somebody who didn't know linux doing my 
installation unless I could supervise them. Next time you might consider 
putting a request out on madlug; maybe somebody from the user's group 
would be willing to come and help. but of course I'm sure you are hoping 
there won't have to be a "next time" in the near future!!!

I did a successful sarge installation using brltty with a cd I made from 
the first in the official weekly sarge sets but have only mentioned it on 
debian-accessibility because it's not really done correctly. I just added 
brltty to the regular and 2.6 initrds so you have to switch consoles and 
start it after boot. Also I'm the only one who has used it and it's 
definitely a hack on my part and not a skilled debian build but it was ok 
for my purposes.


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