New Event in Italy - Exposcuola 2004

Matteo Settenvini msettenvini at
Tue Oct 5 17:47:54 UTC 2004


I'm a newcomer in this list. I'm organizing a day meeting in a stand 
dedicated to FOSS and school in Italy. This event is called "Exposcuola 
2004" ( and will take place in 
November 11-13th in the city of Padova. If there are some Italians 
subscribed to this ML, I would be pleased to hear from someone willing 
to partecipate to this event, with the aim to lead a talk about Free 
Software and its potentials for (visually but not only) impaired people.

I really need to know  as soon as possible if someone can partecipate, 
while there's still place on the timetable. The event will be held in a 
stand dedicated to a "learning village" project 

Osvaldo La Rosa pointed me to this ML to ask for help. (I hope my 
english is understandable enough).

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