Creating Swap Areas

John J. Boyer director at
Tue Oct 5 17:51:47 UTC 2004


Thanks. This should do the trick. One additional question: I have a 
partition called CP/M / CTOS. ºWhat is that for? Can I change it to a 
swap partition? It's about 3 GB.


On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, Tim Chase wrote:

> Mr. Boyer,
> (I CC'd you in, as I've had trouble getting my account to
> successfully post to the blinux list and this may not go
> through...if it doesn't show up there, and you think it would be
> helpful, you're welcome to repost it to the list)
> There's a good tutorial on swap partitions and swap files found
> on RedHat's site at:
> It's supposedly for RH 8.0 which is a bit old, but the same
> method should work in other distros as well.  It's got two
> entitled "To add a swap partition", and a second
> entitled "To add a swap file".
> A swap partition is always the better (read "faster") option if
> you have the opportunity, as it doesn't require going through a
> file-system.  However, if you just want to create one on the fly,
> make use of it for some intensive task, and then remove it, using
> a simple swap file is easy way to go.  Partitions, on the other
> hand, require you to plan ahead sufficiently to have such a
> partition available (or risk monkeying with
> partition-editing/resizing tools).
> And just to cover my own tail, beware of editing/resizing
> partition can hose your whole box with very little
> effort (grins).  Take care and hope it gets you put on the right
> path to swapping nirvana.
> -tim

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