Creating Swap Areas

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Wed Oct 6 14:17:18 UTC 2004

Hi John.
I tried several times yesterday to look up that partition type on google 
yesterday. the only thing I could figure out was that it appeared to be 
listed as some kind of old linux partition. In some of the entries, there 
was also something about concurrent DOS. I'm wondering if your helper 
meant to do this or if he did a typo when choosing partition types though, 
except for the swap partition, he shouldn't have had to change the 
partition codes. Maybe he was trying to do a swap partition, though it's 
my understanding, unless this has changed, that 2GB is the largest useable 
partition for swap linux can handle in i386 architecture; I think nothing 
bad happens if you use a larger space but it may be just wasted. But I 
could be totally off track here; I do think tim is probably quite right 
and after you check it out you could make it into something else.
I really bet your helper was trying to do swap and did a typo.


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