Narrow font?

Lee_Maschmeyer at Lee_Maschmeyer at
Wed Oct 6 15:45:31 UTC 2004

Hi all,

For the past year or more I've been using the parameter:


with both LILO (a line by itself) and grub (in with the kernel
parameters). This gives me a screen of 50 lines by 132 columns if I
use a font that's 8 pixels high. Very nice.

But on my new computer here at work, the video card has no width
greater than 80 columns. The best I can do is 60 lines by 80
columns. Having the extra lines is very nice, but this dinky little
line length is going to drive me nuts. (I realize some of you use
25x80 screens and consider this the norm, but I come from a primitive
environment whose name cannot be mentioned except accompanied by
epithets. Ain't that sweet?)

As hinted above, to really get 60 lines I have to change fonts to one
that is 8 pixels high. I've been using LatArCyrHeb-08 because it
sounds like it would be similar to the default font for Fedora. I
think these letters are 8 pixels wide but could be wrong. Is there
such a thing as a narrow font that could give me some additional line

For an incomplete discussion of video modes (it doesn't mention
fonts!) see /usr/share/doc/kernel-doc<tab>/svga.txt (Fedora location -
your mileage may vary).

Thanks very much for any info,


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