Narrow font?

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Wed Oct 6 16:19:38 UTC 2004

I'm having a sort of similar problem.
when i was running gentoo, I could enter
in my lilo.conf (8 being the menu number I believe; they run from 1-9 and 
a to z but of course are not all applicable for every video card) and get 
a 132 by 43 screen. (I tried 9 but that did nothing so it must not work 
with my card). But in debian unstable, while dmesg says I have that size 
screen, I'm actually losing two lines from the 80 by 25 configuration. I'm 
wondering if I'm unknowingly running fonts that are effecting this; how 
would I tell?

As for your problem, Lee, you could try the menu numbers as I did and see 
if that gets any results. or, if you have sighted help, you could set
and hit enter to go to scan when booting and have somebody look at your 
list of video options. Just remember that if you want to use a code for 
one of those options as you did in the past you have to convert from 


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