Narrow font?

Lee_Maschmeyer at Lee_Maschmeyer at
Wed Oct 6 19:09:51 UTC 2004

Hi Cheryl,

The -16 at the end of your font name means that it's a 16-point font
which is quite large. Look up your font files and find one that ends
in -08. That all by itself will approximately double the number of
lines. I can never remember where the font files are, but Debian
doesn't have them in the same place anyway...

You can make this change temporarily for testing by using the setfont
utility. I could do:

setfont LatArCyrHeb-08

So you may well have lat0-sun08* (probably .psfu.gz but you can leave
that part off when you refer to it).

To see the dimensions of your screen do:

tput lines
tput cols

Or you can look it up in stty which is where tput gets the information


Spelled backwards:


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