Narrow font?

Lee_Maschmeyer at Lee_Maschmeyer at
Wed Oct 6 19:33:22 UTC 2004

Hi all,

The way I checked out my video modes was to use my Optacon (on its
last legs but functional in a pinch) and look at the menu. Both before
and after the "scan" the widest width listed is 80. Does that mean I
can still play around with the numbers with some hope? Do I really
have to mess with this frame buffer stuff?

The mode numbers on the menu are susceptible to change with different
kernel versions, so what was 8 on Gentoo may not be 8 on Debian.

On Fedora, the console fonts are in the directory:


I just found the warning in the svga.txt file:

Warning: the mode list displayed may vary as the kernel version
changes, because the modes are listed in a "first detected -- first
displayed" manner. It's better to use absolute mode numbers instead.

For a 60 line by 132 column screen the decimal number might be 14492,
but I'm not good in math so take this with a salt shaker.


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