Shaving mp3s?

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Oct 7 15:18:14 UTC 2004

Lee Maschmeyer writes:
> License? I didn't have to get a license to install mplayer, and I thought

Actually, you did. You got a license when you downloaded and installed.
You'll probably find it under /usr/doc/[]

> By the way I didn't say everybody should _use_ the most popular, I asked 
> why the most popular audio format should be regarded as the plague. Is the 
> only thing wrong with it the fact that a license is needed and fewer tools 
> are available?

To my mind it's all about the license. I have the same fundamental
complaint with Windows. I happen to believe the license under which we
get and use technology is extremely important.

I suppose my views on this subject track pretty closely with the Free
Software Foundation:

> I'm just trying to understand the issues and untangle them from the 
> rhetoric.
> Thanks,
> Lee 
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