Connection Refused on ssh

Janina Sajka janina at
Fri Oct 8 14:37:50 UTC 2004

John J. Boyer writes:
> When I try ssh with -v I get a number of debug limes. the only one which 
> seems significant is
> sss_connect: needpriv 0

OK. Two questions ...

1.)	Did you ascertain that sshd is indeed listening?

nmap -P0 [your.address] |grep 22

Here's an example of what you should get from my machine:

nmap -P0 |grep 22
22/tcp   open  ssh

2.)	Is ssh allowed by /etc/hosts.allow in the target machine? Look
for something like:

sshd: all

Specific names/addresses/masks are also acceptable, if you want to keep
this machine restricted. Example:

sshd: 192.168.1.

Note the trailing '.'

Something like:

all: all

would also work, but isn't really advisable from a security perspective.

If you don't have such a line in /etc/hosts.allow, put one in and
restart sshd like this:

service sshd restart



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